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Tuesday Testimonial - Holiday Stress and Sugar


Okay, so, it's not Tuesday, and this is not going  to be a testimonial.  However, this is some information that I thought would be good for everyone to receive at this time of year.

STRESS is high at this time of year.  If you are normally under stress, a little more might just be too much.  We are using a new herbal supplement, that was developed from years of research and made from the highest quality herbs, that helps people handle stress safely without drugs or chemicals.

SUGAR is always a problem in all of its many forms.  During the holiday season we are bombarded by sweet treats to celebrate the season.  Sugar begins the disease process for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.  We are utilizing a new 10-day Sugar Handling supplement program to help people develop well-functioning sugar metabolism and reduce their risk for these diseases.

If you are interested in either of these great products, call my office for more information.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Dr. Jay

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