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Testimonial Tuesday - Sugar Cravings


Happy Tuesday, from Dr. Jay!  This is actually not a testimonial, but I have several I could put in here.  Instead, I'm using this space to educate this week.  As discussed last week, sugar is a often a major player in people's health issues.  This is certainly true with Type II diabetes, heart disease, and cancer as I have discussed in many of my free office lectures.  But, sugar comes in many forms; it is not just that pure white sweet stuff anymore.  Basically, any food that increases your blood sugar, especially above 55 (glycemic index) can be considered a sugar.  Now that we are rounding out the holiday season, our sugar consumption has been elevated, and most of us are experiencing sugar-handling issues. 

This is a great time to do a Sugar-handling Program that will bring down the sugar load in your body and improve your ability to handle sugars in your diet in the future.  I utilize a 10-Day Blood Sugar Support Program developed by the research team of doctors and scientists at Standard Process(R) in Palmira, Wisconsin.  I utilize their organic whole-food supplements in my office and have been taking them myself for over 15 years.  This brand of supplements has helped me turn people's lives around, from very sick, to a new level of health they never thought they could experience again.  The Blood Sugar Program is one of the newest supplement programs they offer.  In just ten days, blood sugar levels can normalize and the symptoms of sugar-handling problems can disappear.  Symptoms like:  light headedness (especially when changing positions), lack of concentration and focus, weakness and shakiness, blurred vision, headaches, sweet cravings, hunger between meals, loss of energy in the afternoon, waking after a few hours of sleep, and depression; to name a few.  This program is especially important for anyone that knows they have sugar issues or have been diagnosed as Pre-diabetic!

So, start your New Year off on the right foot!  Call my office for a FREE Meet & Greet to discuss your issues and I will explain the program to you in more detail.  I want to help as many people start their New Year off right as I can!  The goal is for everyone to start the 10-Day Blood Sugar Support Program on Monday, January 11th; so make your Meet & Greet appointment as soon as possible. 

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

Dr. Jay B. Riedel, DC

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