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Testimonial Tuesday

It's that time of year after holiday with all the sweet treats.  The key is "control"; enjoy the treats of the season without going overboard and removing them from your diet as soon as the holiday season is over. 

The following is a testimonial from a young lady who ended up having many issues that had to sorted through and addressed, but SUGAR in its many forms was one of the main issues.  This is common for most people Dr. Riedel sees in his practice.  So, please take the time to read this testimonial and it will give you an idea of how Dr. Riedel works WITH his patients in his office.


Getting My Life Back!

"For the last 5 years my health had been steadily declining. I found myself stuck at home most days in extreme pain with absolutely no energy. I am only 28 years old & I have a 5 year old son. Staying at home doing nothing just wasn't something I was willing to let my life become. I went to about 15-20 doctors in the last few years. None of them had any answers for me. I requested test after test, thinking I knew what was wrong. When they did the tests they all came out negative. So we were always back at square one. I had so many doctors because each one I went to did tests & prescribed medication for the first month or two. After their tests showed nothing & they were still clueless, they gave up trying to help me. I moved on to each new one expecting new hope & possibly an answer. I found nothing in any of the doctors I've seen until I met Dr. Riedel."

"Meeting with him for the first time gave me hope. I've been getting better ever since. For the first time in years I have energy to do the things I want to do. A month ago I would take my son to the park & watch him play. Now I have the energy & feel well enough to take him out & play with him. Not all my days are good ones though. I still have some bad, but they are not nearly as bad as they were. For the first time in years I took my son out hiking until he said he wanted to turn back. Then even after 2 hours of that I was able to take him to the beach & play & swim with him for another 3-4 hours. In just one month of therapy with Dr. Riedel I am getting my life back. I don't feel hopeless anymore. For the first time ever in my life I have found a doctor that listens to my body & hears everything I'm saying. He has confirmed the things I've thought were problems for years. He's found what's wrong with my body when all the other doctors looked but didn't see. And instead of doing test after test & coming up negative or drawing vial upon vial of my blood with no results, he uses my body as the test & gives better results than any doctor I've ever seen."   SL

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