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Testimonial Tuesday

"I was depressed, miserable, had a lot of pain in right shoulder and neck.  I asked my medical doctor to put me on anti-depression medicine and he refused.  So I went in search of a chiropractic doctor and I found Dr. Jay."                                               

"I am now under his care and am starting to feel good about myself.  I have more energy just after a few adjustments.  Thank you Dr. Jay."          G.A.


Depression is often the result of long term stress.  Pain causes stress to the body and wears on us mentally.  Chiropractic care can help to correct the cause of the pain.

Nutritional therapy can also help with depression as certain nutritional deficiencies can cause depression.

Dr. Riedel can help you find and address the CAUSE of your depression, especially when drugs do not work for you.  Call the office to set up a FREE Meet & Greet and he will explain to you how he can help get your life back on track.  440-466-4155

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