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Testimonial Tuesday

The following are testimonials from patients who benefited from Dr. Riedel's nutrition program.  Sinus issues and allergies are very common in the area and he has helped many people, including himself, who suffered with these issues.

"I was sick all last year with strep throat and finally had my tonsils removed.  I still had allergy symptoms and got migraines if I didn't take strong allergy meds every day.  Now I haven't been sick in a month.  I don't take any allergy meds now.  When others complain about their allergy problems, I realize I am not having any symptoms."  AK

"I had chronic allergies to the point where I was taking those little red Sudafed pills every day for years!  After changing my diet and taking Standard Process supplements for only two weeks I was allergy-free!"  JR

"I use to require allergy shots, especially in the Spring and Fall; but after I started chiropractic care and Nutrition Response Testing I was able to get away from the shots."  LH

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